Mobile activity team

Our mobile team can deliver activities at locations across Derbyshire or at your venue such as within school grounds or at your company headquarters. Our mobile climbing wall is ideal for parties, events, fundraisers and galas.

Please note we do not have accessible transport.

Call us for more information 01629 534561 or email 

Mobile climbing walls

Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?! We’ll bring our climbing wall to your chosen venue or location where our team will be on hand to encourage and support climbers to navigate their way to the top and reach the buzzer to sound their victory.

Our climbing walls are:

  • Suitable for a variety of ages
  • A way to climb in a safe but challenging environment
  • Textured with a featured climbing surface to create a realistic rock feel
  • Made up of two to six climbing faces offering a choice of climbs
  • Colour coded to clearly show climbing routes
  • Built to accommodate up to 40 climbers per hour
  • Able to simulate a climbing ‘feel’ through manual belaying
  • Easy to assemble by our team – erected and ready to use in half an hour
  • A fantastic crowd attraction for your event

Our team of instructors will stay with you for the duration of the event, setting up the wall ready for use, helping people to get their harnesses on and off and helping little ones back on firm ground after a climb.

Our instructors hold the Mountain Leader Training Board Single Pitch Award (SPA) or have been signed off by our technical advisor who holds the Mountain Instructor Certificate (MIC).

We can now bring our mobile climbing wall to you on dark winter evenings thanks to our stand alone floodlights. A fantastic opportunity for you to offer a surreal atmosphere not normally experienced in daylight.
Please note: All gates and entrances need to be over 9 feet (2.8 metres) wide and 9 feet high for us to access your venue with the climbing wall. In high winds, the wall may need to be lowered/taken down for safety.

Schools and youth groups

Our courses challenge children, build their confidence and give them a sense of adventure, whilst improving their team work, communication and physical awareness skills.

All our instructors come from teaching or youth work backgrounds and are experienced in relating activities and challenges to life in school and at home. Curriculum-based courses can be developed with you, and we will work on particular outcomes or learning topics as requested.

Why not combine our mobile climbing wall with activities like orienteering, archery and team building to make an outdoor education adventure day? In this way your school can accommodate large numbers of participants at your venue in one day.

Additional needs

We support a variety of Special Educational Needs schools and groups including Holbrook School for Autism, Peak School, Stanton Vale and Ashgate Croft, sometimes working as frequently as one day a week with groups of children and young adults.  

“All of our students have shown great flexibility in attempting new activities and with your support and understanding, excelled.” Group leader, Holbrook School for Autism

“All of you have endless patience and empathy which is the key to making the days so special and achievable.” Teacher, Peak School

Activities we deliver are adaptable to be suited to the needs of the individuals and groups we support where possible. A few examples include:

  • Rafting canoes
  • Inflatable canoes for indoor use
  • Wheelchair abseil
  • Accessible caving