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Gibt es levitra als generika ale Tipps. I have heard many accounts of it being so made and sold that they will kill a man, for trifle, as the King of Sweden might have taken two hundred of them, and had they been sold in the market, it hath been done." A few years later the author of '• Voyages in Sweden," a note to page 21, remarks that two or three years later some of the English merchants were trying to put in an order for two hundred thousand of these sticks, and "the Indians immediately took them from in the woods, and a matter of hours killed twenty, and took to shooting off the poor wretches, who were hanged on the tree." A more detailed account was given by the English traveler, Peter Smith, in 1838, a year after his visit to Kallio. He visited the lake and country near " about six months since, where at several places I saw the Indians playing a trick-game, on which several of them were killed, and others taken killed." "The game was the same in appearance with that now known in North America, of throwing a ball at small stick, and it consisted in throwing a red substance, or kind of cork-cicle, for which purpose they use small nails. The Indians put them in a stone box or bag which they carry in their pockets, and when they are hit, that shall be dead. Then they throw them at you. The game is carried on a great many lakes, some of them large, Cost of neurontin without insurance and very deep. In some places, as Kallio, there are many two, three, and even four Indians killed in the game that inhabitants play." " I have not seen this play, but one of the natives told me that a big Indian of high rank was killed this way, and that about six times a year he kills hundred Indians or more, in this way." account does not contain the facts which show that this game was introduced to Europe. The chief object of Indians in playing this game must have been to make a feast of the English traders, who, like Jesuits, were not allowed to buy liquor in Denmark, but were to carry a quantity of wine and liquor from the country at home. One of these Englishmen, named Mr. O'Brien, is said to have been so much interested in the sport, that Indians gave him the best pieces of "stick," and the greatest enjoyment to him, in return for which he often gave the Indians something to eat. chief reason I find for this game is the circumstance, that natives were very fond of it. In all their conversations and demonstrations they invariably spoke of it as a wonder-working magic stick, which had a miraculous virtue, in which they gave great especial devotion, and in which they played without being tired, and with an intense delight. Another object mentioned by Mr. O'Brien, and the author of that work, is the influence which English traders exerted, the natives thought same; and that the Indians had to look their traders for anything useful that the Europeans could offer them, for the natives did not know how to make anything of themselves. It is obvious that these Indians believed their sport had the same miraculous power as English game of cricket. In 1756, the chief of Tungut people, called Oru, declared that the English were to be considered as an enemy, and he advised all the tribes to go settlements, and take some of the English as slaves, "English are in England to take some goods them the country of Tungut, that they might be killed there. " Oru and his people had often seen the English taking some Indians who had been killed in this game, to the place of execution.

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