What have people said? (children)

We’d like to thank our recent visitors for taking the time to let us know about their visit. We always welcome comments/suggestions from visitors who have experienced Lea Green Centre and have put some recent highlights below. 

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Stonelow Junior School (October 2018)
“My top favourite activity was the team swing because you had to work as a team to pull the rope to get them to the top and it pushed me to be braver and it made me proud after I went on it because I have never been so high before.” Scarlett

“I learnt a lot of new things from Lea Green like working better as a team and I got to know a few people more. It was the best residential I have ever been on! I thoroughly loved the food. I have been on two other residentials and your food was the nicest by far.” Ellie

“All of the activities were great and all the instructors were great, basically everything was great and it was the best trip I’ve been on.” Jacob

“Everyone at Lea Green is so friendly and whenever I walked past someone they smiled and said hello. Everyone should go to Lea Green as it helps you to work as a team, make friends and have fun.” Millie

“The team swing was thrilling and it literally takes your breath away when you pull the rope to make you swing. The soft play was the best place to play tig with all the climby things and the hiding spots.” Daniel

Stanley St Andrews C of E Primary School (March 2018) 
“When you drop, you feel like a bird diving down, then swooping back up to its nest before going back down again.” T Scott

“I was terrified to go on the team swing however you encouraged me to face my fears. You made me happy, encouraged me and helped me when I was stuck.” Reef

“After my incredible stay at Lea Green I feel ready for anything. Thank you for one of the best times of my life!” Jacob

“When we arrived at the top of the team swing I wanted to come off until my friend pulled the rope and I was loving it. I am now a lot more confident with heights.” Haiden

“I found out I like green grapes and carrot cake!” Charlie

“The food was great. The sausages were luscious. The pasta Bolognese was mouth-watering. Everything was delicious!” T Sullivan

“When I got to the top of the team swing I had butterflies in my tummy. When my friend pulled the cord I screamed like a hyena. We swung so high it was epic! I enjoyed the spider’s web where I was lifted up and posted through the gap like a letter!” Lola

“The stream walk was fantastic! Getting through the murky, forceful water was so much fun. The water was always up to my wellies and made my feet constantly cold and wet. I haven’t stopped talking about it since.” T Sullivan

“The team swing was phenomenal. I could have swung on it all day! When the cord was pulled it felt like my stomach was going to come out of my mouth, it was brilliant.” T Sullivan

 “Wow! The food at Lea Green is incredible, I ate like a king! I loved all the range of hot dinners and the English breakfast but my favourite was definitely the roast dinner. The turkey was perfect as well as the potatoes, I wolfed it down as if I hadn’t eaten in a week. After any breakfast, lunch or dinner I was ready for the activities.” Unknown

“I loved the gladiator challenge and my teacher was singing ‘ring that bell, ring that bell!’ You were really helpful and there were different obstacles that I pushed myself on.” Grace

“I really enjoyed the team swing and wanted to go on it a few more times but I would have lost my voice because I nearly lost it on my first go for screaming and shouting so loudly. I was proud of myself for getting so far up on the high ropes course. By encouraging me to go across the wooden beam, walking across step by step you made me really happy.” Liana

 “Although I might have been frightened, you put our harnesses on nice and tightened. Lea Green is a beautiful place, encouraging children to learn at their own pace.” Amelia

Stanley St Andrews C of E Primary School (year 6, visited June 2017)
“I returned home bubbling over with memories and stories to share with my family. My favourite activity had to be the stream walk; I really enjoyed going under logs and submerging my whole body in the freezing cold water, even our teacher got in! I was nervous about the high ropes course because last time I visited Lea Green Centre I only got a quarter of the way up the pole in the middle, This time I touched the top and with lots of encouragement I managed to get a knee onto the top platform, I felt immensely proud of myself! Our instructors made sure we had an amazing time and kept us safe as well. I had a marvellous time and would happily come back.”

“All the leaders encouraged us as much as possible, pushing people out of their comfort zone and helping to make the stay the time of our life whether it was getting to the top of the team swing or going under a log into deep cold water on a stream walk. The cooking staff made sure everyone had enough food and were enjoying their meals, I could have eaten a whole load more than I could actually fit in as the food was delicious. My visit to Lea Green Centre was the best experience ever, I was pushed to places I never knew possible and found it really exciting.”

William Gilbert Endowed Primary School
“I will always remember my time at Lea Green, it was an exhilarating experience.”
“My favourite activity was the team swing – the group co-operated and we worked as a team.”
“I learnt you should make use of the outdoors and the weather to have fun.”
“I am a vegetarian and coeliac and was wonderfully catered for, I even tried new foods which I enjoyed.”
“Lea Green gave me a chance to find out more about my friends.”
“The canoeing was one of the best activities, it was a wonderful experience and I feel much more confident on the water.”
“I tested the limit of my abilities, tried new things and got to know my classmates more.”

Stonelow Junior School
“Thank you for inspiring me to take challenges that I would never get to do normally.”
“I feel that I really pushed myself to do things I am very proud of.”
“Thank you to all the staff for the best residential I have been on.”
“Thank you for teaching me how to conquer my fears on the climbing wall.”
“Thank you everyone for an amazing three days jam-packed with activities!”
“I thoroughly enjoyed orienteering, this activity tested my skills of navigation and instincts.”
“The buggies were entertaining as they taught you about the responsibility of driving a real car.”
“All staff made the three days very memorable.”
“I conquered my fear of heights at Lea Green.”
“Thanks to Lea Green staff for helping us overcome fears, be more organised, learn to trust and take part in physical learning.”

Clowne Junior School
“We would like to thank you for your encouragement and for helping us to achieve our goals.”
“Our visit is something we will remember for many years to come.”
“We had the time of our lives, the activities were extraordinary, the food was delicious and the staff were fantastic.”
“Our bedroom was amazing because it was warm and cosy, although we didn’t get much sleep!”
“The activities were epic, the food was delicious and being away from home was a great break.”
“We went to the top of the team swing which I didn’t think I’d be able to do. I’m no longer afraid of heights!”
“I surprised myself because I went a bit higher than the middle of the team swing, I didn’t think I could get that high!”
“I loved the challenge course because I got to work in a team.”
“I’m proud of myself because I supported my friend on the climbing wall then she supported me, we worked together.”
“The dinners were amazing; our favourite was the curry and poppadums’.”
“There were many foods that I tried for the first time and I definitely want to eat curry again.”