Low Ropes Courses (Inc Obstacle)

At Lea Green Centre we have 3 Low Ropes courses that can be tackled individually or as part of a progressive and challenging session.

The ‘Hex’ provides fun elements for all groups and sets the scene for later, more challenging activities. Groups work together to get each individual safely around the course. The challenges are varied, from going around with your team, on your own, wearing a blindfold or even going backwards. Some groups try the canon challenge while others carry water around the course. Can be led by visiting staff.

The ‘Challenge Course’ is linear in nature and takes group problem solving to a new level. These elements require better teamwork, more planning and communication and superior leadership.

The third course is our extensive ‘Obstacle Course’. This again can be tackled in small or large groups, pairs or threes, one section at a time or as a whole. Groups need to work together to; encourage each other, demonstrate good technique, keep others safe and celebrate success.

Every session will be fun, challenging and rewarding and will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Lea Green Centre has an ethos of ‘challenge by choice’ with an emphasis on children and young adults pushing their own personal limits. Activities have varying options based on ability or confidence levels.